Domain Names

Domain Names Explained

To establish an internet presence, you need to register a ‘domain name’ for your company. A domain name can be thought of as your company’s internet name and is the address to which you direct visitors – for example You should ideally choose a domain name that will be easy for your customers or potential customers to remember. If the name you would like has already been registered by another company, you can be creative and decide on another name that can easily be associated with your business.

Domain Name Registration

We are pleased to be able to offer a domain registration service to both new and existing clients. All domains registered with us will have you listed as the domain owner (unlike some other companies). For your information, the domain registrars we use are “Heart” and “UK Reg“. If you need to make any administrative changes to the domain records once registered, simply raise a support ticket or contact us and we will quickly action your request free of charge (or we can give you admin access logins for your domain).

Domain Name Extensions Available from AKIS
Annual Cost
Standard: .com .eu .net .info .org .biz .name
Premium: .mobi .me .cc .tv .co